Where Have You Been?

Today I received my stats from WordPress for 2011. It was encouraging but where did I go wrong?

Obviously, I dropped the blog! I spent a lot of time developing a very messy website over at Google and my library budget was large….which meant I was busy as all get out! We now are fully loaded (Nooks, Ipads for in-library circulation, books galore, Smartzboard, (ouch! that Smartz!), cameras, etc. Whew!

What’s new in library information? Well, overload maybe…. here’s SOME of what happens on the internet in 60 seconds! This is only the social network and search side, not the world of commerce. To learn more go to the Big Picture @ http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2011

Twits are impressive!

My New Year’s Resolution: More nature, More paper (yeah! I love books and writing)! More strategic use of technology.

data showing all of the transactions on the internet in  60 seconds

what happens on the internet in 60 seconds

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