Currently Reading….

purslane in sidewalkBecause we are natural information seekers, once we learn to read, we cannot not read. We both consume and create knowledge. It’s our nature as thinking beings.

I have a wide ranging reading habitat because I’m a grazer. Some of it’s focused reading. Some of it’s browsing or information picking like daisies in a field.

Currently Reading:


*Prime Meridian*by Mary Ruefle, (for the third time and everytime I want to read Keats’s letters and Wallace Stevens collected and letters but I can’t read them all at once – maybe someday there will be a way to do this. )*

Pity the Beautiful by Dana Gioia


*The Atlas of New Librarianship* by R, David Lankes

Teen Novels

Wintergirls, by L.H Anderson

Non Fiction

Bird Sense by Tim Birkhead –read the chapter on Bird Emotions. I have the meanest little purple finch outside my window. See photo. two finches, one gold and one purple

Wedding Etiquette by Pat & Bill Derraugh.

Barn Owl by David Chandler

*Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast: A Field Guide *  by Peter Del Tredici. This book is a lot of fun whether you live in the city or not. I have noticed that once you learn the name of something it takes on an importance and begs to be acknowledged. Oh, that’s jewelweed, and that’s pokeweed on the side of the road over there; and some nightshade twisting up a brick wall. And, oh my gosh, there’s a nice bit of little hogweed (also known as purslane) growing in the sidewalk crack.  That kind of thing. No walk will ever be the same.

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