Today’s Poem: You’re Right About That

The goat’s eye does indeed say Soul.

It is such a huge window.

The pupil is like is like a lily,

An elegant flower.

The eye is a round globe.

Rounder than eyes are round.

As round as the world is round.

The goat’s eye loves the well worn fence,

The salt lick, the human hand that smooths the cowlick

on top of the tiny bowl before its horns.

The goat’s eye loves the gate, the supper call, the bell,

The black locust tree and its bark,

the tails of others

Swooshing flies in August’s round noon.

And the sweat from the leaves on the hill– that too it  loves,

And the goat’s eye is half as happy as its grin,

Its sheepish grin that is not sheep.

Yes, you are right

A sheep is not a goat.

All rights reserved. 2012 tp

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