Technologies Learning Curve and Where Can I Create Something?

This week I read a tweet by Librarian by Day about librarians introducing different information technologies to the groups they serve. It was reassuring. One piece of advice was "start small and focus." Don't try to do it all. As for myself, this is definately the year of WordPress (which I've used for 3 years but not religiously); as well as the year of the tweet and intro to Pinterest.
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[TWITTER: if you missed Creating a Culture of Learning earlier this week watch the recording here #digilit12
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I like wordpress for its quickness. Twitter for its information — I follow interesting information specialists– and Pinterest for its pretty factor. I like pictures. I think I will give up Pinterest and learn clayanimation (using my new APPS! like Icreate) — simply for its beauty and its melding of the hands-on with the added interpretation of technology.

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