2012 Year in Review

What was accomplished this past year?

First Cool Feedback: Couldn’t keep up with the blog here even after reading an article about transparent practice which I liked very much.

Warm: Created the school website and  libguides.  Had two Donors Choose projects funded for books, yeah mon! Got folks– students and teachers — into ABC-CLio databases! And made some great collaborative connections. Got into working with Pinterest and Diigo. Diigo is great for librarians. Check out this Diigo link from my Diigo library about Puerto Rico: http://www.diigo.com/list/renlibrarian/puerto-rico-history

Here’s a Tribute to a Recent Collaboration Below!

Ms. Donoghue, dynamite 9th grade Social studies teacher came to collaborate with me in the library! We used the “Gist of  It”  protocol from EL .  I would add one step — which BTW is a CC standard, adding conversation to the steps.

In “The Gist of  It,”  students choose 12 words from a difficult text — studentsn were reading a difficult summary of the Berlin Conference found in the ABC clio database. Students wrote down Key Words culled from the article to explain the gist of the article. Next, students composed their paragraph summaries explaining the article while adopting the key terms such as: annexation, colonial holdings, sovereign powers, conference. If I were to revise such a lesson, I would stop and have students talk about the article in small groups with a few guiding questions and then have them write but that’s for next time maybe. Thank you Ms. Donoghue for working in the library with me and bringing your 9th grade class! Also, it was pretty great that we could –or students could — expand the text up on the Smartboard and circle key words with the magic Smartboard pen and write notes in the margins! After Ms. Donoghue had students type their summaries which were projected onto the Smartboard. Yeah! Whowee!

The following day, Ms. Donoghue had students unpack a visual image. Librarians are so on this visual literacy — and getting ready for PARC with teaching approaches that lend themselves to preparing our students for PARC. Edmodo is promising as well!

Next steps for me: Create database log in sheets and deliver to crews. Talk to the powers that be about the ABC Clio databases and the need for funding. A good high school library needs funding for digital resources. The libguides are another case in point.  Should I sell brownies in order to afford the libguides next year?

Here’s the Libguide 9th grade will use next week.  I know it needs work but there’s a lot there with guidance.

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