In Truth I Do Scare Pretty Easily

I Don't Scare Easily

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Things that scare me:

I have too many passwords, favorite sites, books to read (Shocked: My mother, Schapiarelli and me; 1Q84 and everything H.M, Lady Painter (joan mitchell) and so on , and I am still speeding down the information highway in a vehicle that keeps morphing. Just when I started to like my igoogle (last year’s igoogle) I’m changing it over to Flipboard because igoogle will be igone this summer.

I’m sad and scared today to learn bits and pieces about the Boston bombing. The young men had teachers who taught fairness and justice. But somewhere they found adults who planted the seeds of hatred  deep within them. So very sad for everyone.   Peace-dove

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April 19, 2013 · 2:27 pm

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