series request

Students rush up the stairs to the library before their crews meet. Twenty-Five to Thirty students, each I can identify by name (another nice thing about teaching in a small school.).

One asks for the Shadow Falls series. Another checks out a book and looks delighted. Several students are chatting, using computers, no one has asked for an Ipad today.

Things to Do today:

  • Create Donors Choose page for summer read.
  • See Mr. Gillane about a claymation club using the ICreate app on the Library Ipads.

I need Plasticine! And Wire.

  • Clean one corner. Organize invoices. Work with the social studies classes coming in! 🙂
  • Send Mr. Stein student poems from the 11th grade Nuclear Expedition in which students turned their research into poetry.
  • Create Libguide for the 8th grade exploration of natural phenomenon.
  • Include a research help guide!!!!

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