The Forest Done Right: Philip Pullman’s Opening Paragraphs of The Amber Spyglass

from His Dark Materials, Book Three:

By Roman Boed, Black Forest. Nederlands. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain Image.

In a valley shaded with rhododendrons, close to the snow line, where a stream milky with meltwater splashed and where doves and linnets flew among thee immense pines, lay a cave, half-hidden by the crag above and the stiff heavy leaves that clustered below.

   The woods were full of sound: the stream between the rocks, the wind among the needles of the pine branches, the chitter of  insects and the cries of small arboreal mammals, as well as the birdsong; and from time to time a stronger gust of wind would make one of the branches of a cedar or a fir move against another and groan like a cello.

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