Spotlight on Spring in the Library

This Spring the library supported the following classrooms (a sample):

* Ms. Ghaname’s 6th grade students in making their Eduglogs that challenge Middle Eastern Stereotypes;

* Mr. Sossa’s 9th grade in their research and their posting and creating an actual Libguide to support their research of São Paulo, Brazil;

* the seniors in their research of the School to Prison Pipeline;

*  and the post-industrial cities research in Ms. Magrath’s room.

Next week — can’t wait! — working with Ms. Pirog delving into African history and the big Grab, using the  ABC -CLIO databases.

Our seventh grade is using in the library to complete a unit on Cyberbullying! Yay! 7th grade!

April we celebrated National Poetry Month with Poems in our pockets shared in the library. Next year we’re starting a POETRY OUTLOUD TEAM  and a ‘Busta Rhymes Fife” weekly challenge !  Booyah!

And, How can I forget the Brownie club, or Fan fiction group! Thursday writers who are fanfantastic!

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